February 28, 2009

Always Constructing

Josiah is very creative. He also likes to figure out how things work. He has often impressed me with this skill. Thus his love of LEGOS. I took a couple pictures of him working on his creations. I love how intense he gets with it.

He has two crafts he's been working on today.

Notice the tongue.

Proudly showing off his workmanship.

Tah Dah!
Josiah took this last picture. Unfortunately, I do not have the "cloning" option to erase that piece of food left on the table. I'm so embarrassed. HA! Actually, I thought the table was rather in good shape when you know what it could look like!


Jessica and Jason said...

He's so industrious. Did you know there are Lego championships? A family I know had 2 sons make it to the state level. I bet Josiah would be all over that one day.

Elizabeth said...

Looking at him reminds me of some of the stuff his Uncle Matt did at his age and a little older! Anyone remember Matt completely taking apart Grandma's toilet in the master bath just to see what made it work? I thought Grandma was going to have a tack-a- heart when she saw ALL the pieces layed out neatly on towels on the floor of the bathroom and partly on the master bedroom floor! The more unbelievable part was that he put the entire thing back together i about an hour and a half completely form memory, and it worked better than ever!! That was about the only thing that saved his hide!!!Let's pray that you don't have too many incidents of that magnitude with Josiah!