April 19, 2009

Where's the Loot?

The boys woke up early Easter morning. I don't know what they were expecting! Their baskets weren't ready for them. We locked up the baskets from the previous night so that we wouldn't have rabid kids running around first thing in the morning.

Josiah asked why the baskets were hidden so I told him, "We didn't want you to eat all the candy at one time then throw it all up. That would be wasteful." :0) He's been sick before so I think he appreciated that answer.

I was so laid back about it all this year that they even watched me get their baskets ready. Josiah chose the color of grass that he wanted in his basket and picked his favorite eggs which he had decorated. Even the play dough was mixed and kneaded before their very eyes. (I think they liked it.)

Josiah and Nathan each got a pair of gardening gloves and a small terracotta pot to decorate themselves and plant a seed. Nathan broke his within a few minutes! It seemed as though he thought it would bounce. Oh well. I've got back ups. Noah's pot is still in one piece. Now it's time for some gardening! Boys and dirt. They go well together.

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