April 19, 2009


One day Nathan started carrying around one of my dolls. I don't think he's ever done this before. I told him that the baby doll's name is Jonah and to please be careful with him.

It took me a moment to figure out what Nathan was talking about when he started commenting on his donut. Toddlerese. Jonah. Donah. Jonah. Donut. See?

A couple of times, Jonah's head "accidentally" bumped the wall or the baby fell down but Nathan took good care of him and asked, "Are you okay, Donut?" Nathan had me pray for Jonah's head.

When I was distracted, Nathan came to me and told me that he was feeding Donut. Uh huh. WHAT?!?

Oh no! I had to tell Nathan that Jonah could not eat chocolate icing or any real food for that matter.

Nathan watched as I cleaned out Jonah's mouth and wiped his face and hair clean. Nathan helped with the finishing touches and tested out cleaning his own mouth with Q-tips too.

I must admit, it was fun to watch him taking care of Donut. I tried to snap the pictures of the icing-mouthed baby doll on the sly so as to not encourage more feedings. Sometimes it's hard to keep a straight face. It's probably a good thing for the doll's sake that caring for Jonah has not become a regular pastime for Nathan.

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