April 3, 2009

Super Birthday

Happy Birthday! Today is Nathan's 3rd birthday. A mere three years ago, he surprised us by being born 24 days early. I'm thankful for the blessing God gave us by adding him to our family.

Josiah gave him a Hot Wheels car for his birthday. He had wrapped it himself with paper he decorated. When Nathan opened his little package, I asked, "What's that?" His response was, "It's mine!"

Then he opened his other gift from John and me. As he was opening, he exclaimed, "WOW!"

It was a Superman cape and shield with a "breakable" chain. He wanted to put it on right away. John was quick to assist while I played with the chain and bragged about how strong I am.

Nathan kept running through the house saying, "Look at me! I'm Super Man!" I think he's super cute.

We had chocolate birthday cake and icecream after dinner. Later, I caught Nathan standing on a chair at the stove eating the extra icing out of the container. He denied nothing. "I'm eating icing!!"

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