April 3, 2009

Special Delivery

We got another delivery of roofing materials on Thursday morning. Lots of wood came on another kind of truck.
I know you've been hoping for more truck pictures, once you see one, you're hooked. So here they are. This one is a crane truck with a flatbed. I shall call it "Lofty" after Bob the Builder's blue truck with a crane because I like naming things. You'll see a very dirty John, Nathan, and the truck driver who is also the crane operator in these pictures. I didn't catch the driver's name so I shall call him .... "Tim."

Nathan is enjoying the show. Here's a front view of Lofty and our house which will be getting the new roof. Hm.... I haven't given my house a name yet.


To the untrained eye these may all look the same but there's a sequence here. See? Up, up, up...
A little more.... back now.... Okay, down!
Here's Tim operating the crane while John directs the wooden traffic.
I wouldn't have put in so many pictures but made the mistake of musing out loud which pictures should make the cut. Josiah let me know he wanted ALL the pictures to be posted. I'm a sucker for him.
Clara! That sounds like a good name for my house. It sounds old fashioned, yet pretty, and makes me think of a loving, caring, nurturing mama.
A job well done!

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Kathy said...

Are you sure it was really Josiah, or you just wanted someone to give you permission to post all 30 pictures... LOL! Good Job John!