April 9, 2009


It's party time again!

I was going to name this post "A Smashing Success" but then I thought that things in my home being smashed and success don't really go together.

My children are surrounded by other children their own ages. All these children believe that a party must go along with a birthday. If I say, "It's Grandma's birthday tomorrow", they ask, "When's her party?" It's an automatic response. Even though there have been times that I don't feel like having a birthday party, I don't have it in me to break their little hearts by denying them their full birthday experience. This was another of those times.

The obligatory birthday banners are up. Well, they have been up for 3 months now. We never took them down after Josiah's party back in *clear throat* *muffle sound* January. I did take this one down after the party ended this time.

John baked the cake and I decorated it. It's a pretty simple cake this time. As I'm working on it, the cake decorating tool broke. I had to finish off Wheezy with a butter knife and toothpicks and forgo writing any messages on the cake. Sprinkles helped finish it.

We have seen and heard both Toy Story movies multiple times. This little setup with the army men was done for my own humor. John and I knew it was there. I don't know if anyone else saw it or "got it." I don't mind laughing alone at my own jokes.... unless they are out loud jokes. Right. Did I tell you that we went with a Toy Story theme since they are Nathan's favorite movies?

The movies are too old to have the theme on birthday decorations in the local stores so we made our own.

I spent two very late nights decorating the plates with my permanent markers. It was the first time I fully used my new set of 24 colorful array of markers. I had fun.

Zurg was one of my favorites.

Rex was great because I could draw and color him pretty quickly.

Andy was the other favorite of mine. Buster was special request by Josiah.

I made sure to get the girl characters done too for our young girl guests.

I made 31 plates. Josiah made one too.
The basic Toy Story theme plates were fast and, well, I made 6 of them.

Here's the birthday boy .... biting the table? He said his mouth was cold.

Noah had two helpings of cake and ice cream.

Our 26 guests included both friends and family. We had fifteen children ages 7 and under in our house at one time! I found a recipe for playdoh on the internet and mixed up a double batch of that in order to have one quieter activity. We liked the playdoh. I think I'll be making more of that!

After we ate cake and ice cream, Nathan opened his gifts. He wants to play with his new toys immediately. It took a little encouragement to keep opening packages for now.

Josiah and our friends looked on during the great unwrapping ceremony. It was a fun party! I'm glad we had it. Now there isn't another birthday party for 7 months. I'm sure we'll come up with another reason for a party though.

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