April 18, 2009

Egg Decorating

The time had come. You know the time. Egg decorating time. The boys and I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to decorate eggs for Easter. (John was working on our roof. Go, John, go.) We were late since I was trying to get the boys to eat dinner and was still finishing up hard boiling the eggs which we were going to color. When we arrived, everything was already set up. Hurray! Usually I color and decorate a lot of eggs; however, this year, I was content to observe and visit.

Josiah was very excited about decorating this year. He started right away. Nathan just wanted to run and play. That's fine with me. Theoretically, this would mean less mess. This picture is Josiah, Grandma, and cousin Eli. My mom looks like she may be concerned about Josiah making a mess. A mess? My boys? That would come later.

I found it hilarious that Josiah was eating popcorn with one hand while dying an egg with the other.

While everyone else was distracted by the eggs and dyes, Noah tried to see what treats he could reach from the counter. Drat. Still too short. Maybe next year.

This is Jesse. He was a casualty in a red dye spill. Now his fur has a pretty red tint to it! Gorgeous.
If you use red dye, I recommend that you don't spill it. It took a lot of work to get it out of the carpet! Thankfully, I had saved all my energy from NOT decorating eggs and had plenty of energy to work on the stain. :0) Who said life is fair? Thanks, Kiddo, for spilling the dye. Otherwise, I may never have been able to go to sleep that night....

I don't think Noah did any egg decorating but he enjoyed snacking on the popcorn. Mmm... popcorn.

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