April 19, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go

The boys had two egg hunts on Easter. One indoors and one outdoors. Both were lots of fun.

Josiah ran off and started finding eggs right away. He's a good egg hunter. He's also very smart; he didn't turn down any assistance that was offered.

Nathan took his time, found an egg, opened it, took the chocolate, then left the egg and the coins on the floor. He's got his priorities. I showed him that he should put the whole egg in his bag and keep looking for more.

John helped Noah with his hunting. Noah would find an egg on the floor, pick it up, miss the bag and then be happy to find "another egg!" It's a good thing he doesn't count yet; otherwise, he may have thought that we stiffed him some eggs.

Nathan amused everyone with his exclamations. When he found an egg, he would do a jump-ready pose and yell, "I found one!" He was really excited about it all. He got lots of assistance reaching eggs from helpful older cousins.

We had to leave quickly after the first hunt to go to my folks' gathering and hunt. More fun! After lunch and before the outdoor egg hunt, there was time for a rest.

Aw! So cute. Nathan really needed this. I'm sure it made for a much better end to the day.

Here are the cousins waiting for the okay to go.

Is it time? Can we go?

The menfolk hid the eggs high and low. Nathan picked up two eggs right away and left another. Noah found that one later. Josiah enlisted Uncle Micah's help to reach two really high eggs. The last egg to be found was in the wood pile. Katherine spotted it first but the fence was in her way. Josiah ran around the fence to try to get it from the other side. Meanwhile, Katherine jumped up and scaled the fence. She grabbed it first. She got a "that's my girl" from her dad.

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