March 21, 2009

Time to Get Our Adjustments

Once a week, we all go to Dr. Jeremiah's chiropractic office to get our adjustments.
We first started going when I was 4 months pregnant with Noah. I got to use a special table then which has a drop down panel for my baby belly. When it came time, I had a quick and easy delivery.

John used to have a chronic cough which has been healed now. He was so used to the cough that he didn't even think about it anymore. It wasn't until I mentioned that I hadn't heard him coughing anymore that he realized his cough had been gone for quite awhile!

Our boys have gotten their much needed adjustments from all their falls from learning to walk, climbing anything possible, and just being adventurous kids.

The office has a great play room for kids filled with toys and books. Here's Nathan playing with a cookie monster car while waiting for our turn.

Josiah checked out an alphabet and number toy.

Noah worked the cash register.

Here's Josiah again. It's almost our turn.

Nathan was first this time.

Noah doesn't lay down for his adjustment yet.

"You taking a picture of me?"

Josiah's getting his spine in line.

The boys have always loved going. Last summer Josiah would build his own adjustment table on our porch and be a chiropractor for anyone who wanted their adjustment. He has often talked about wanting to grow to be as tall Dr. Jeremiah. I haven't felt the need to explain genes to him yet.

We're thankful for the extra help in keeping our bodies healthy!


Jessica and Jason said...

Looks like the adjustments are enjoyed by everybody!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see that you're all using chiropractic care...we all love it too, and we're hardly ever sick anymore!