March 20, 2009

Our Bathroom is Slowly Morphing

Our bathroom has been forest green, beige, and white for over seven years. Last year I decided it was time for a change. Change has a cost. The first move toward my new bathroom decor came when Holly took me to Claytopia for my birthday last May. I picked a soap dish and a toothbrush holder to paint with my new colors. Here they are!
Nothing more "happened" until two weeks ago when I purchased new bath rugs and towels. I was very pleased to get a good deal on them! They averaged 57.5% off the original retail prices. The same evening I found a chocolate brown shower curtain on clearance for 50% off. I love a deal. My mom bought a pale pink shower curtain liner for me and some brushed nickel shower curtain hooks. John bought a brushed nickel shower curtain rod and other hardware accessories to replace the old brass ones.
So I'm going to phase out the green and beige but my dilemma comes when I consider how I want to paint the walls. My new colors are pale pink, rose, chocolate brown and some white. Our bathroom is small so I don't want it to seem smaller by making it too dark.

Now it has come to the painting stage. I've considered stripes, stencils, artwork, white trim, brown trim, and much more. Any ideas? I may have to draw some sketches and color them in so that I can "see" my ideas before committing to any of them.

Eventually, we'll get a new sink and cabinet as well as new light fixtures but for now ..... I'm happy to see a bit of pink in my home.

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Jessica and Jason said...

Love the new colors. I hope the bathroom can come along quickly for you. Sometimes a morph like that can feel like it's taking for-ev-er.