March 14, 2009

Crime and Punishment

The Crime: Cutting a hole in the mattress.

The Suspect: Josiah Moses Perino

The Weapon: Previously banned sharp object

The Punishment: Grounding

Why the fascination with cutting things? Perhaps Josiah will be a scientist with his love of experiments. How easy will it be to cut the curtain? the liner? the box? the mattress?!?!?

I told him he was grounded. Usually that means he won't be able to play outside with his neighborhood friends but since it is cold and the neighborhood seems to hibernate, I told him he could not watch television for 2 days. He was not a happy camper! There was the initial moping and grumbling. Though he didn't like being punished, Josiah came up with fun ways to occupy his time. He colored, played with LEGOS, played with his army men set, listened to music, and more. We had a fun time!

I enjoy the television being off. I may have to look for other crimes that need punishment...... :0)


Elizabeth said...

Well look at the bright side.... at least it wasn't your Mom and Dad's water bed mattress! ;-)

Jessica and Jason said...

You know, he may have heard that people sometimes hide things in mattresses...