March 25, 2009

Machines! A Flatbed and a Forklift

Last Friday a load of roofing material was delivered to our house. Nathan saw the truck and exclaimed, "They're coming to fix my house!" They weren't... but I was shocked that he even associated the truck and supplies with repairing the house. Maybe he does pay attention.
Nathan had a great view from the side window.

Noah found his perch on the couch looking out the front window.

Here comes the first load!

Nathan is no longer satisfied with watching through the window. He's a hands on type of guy.

He wants to be outside where all the action is. "Put my coat on, please?"

Noah moves over to the side window for a better view.

Check out the flat bed. I had to be sure to get a lot of pictures of the truck and forklift since Josiah was at school and he LOVES trucks. I showed him the pictures and now he wants the details. Even now he is waiting for me to finish this post so that I can read it to him.

Josiah says, "Wow. Nice."

I bundled up Nathan on this chilly morning so that he could watch with John.

Noah is still watching the back and forth of the forklift through the window.

Here comes load #2. The driver was disappointed that I didn't get his good side...

Fascinating! What? You don't think so? Obviously you're a grownup or a girl!

Trucks, tools, and machines are great for male bonding.

The driver had to move the truck in order to reach the load from the other side.

This is Nathan's "Wow! Look at that!" pose.

Ah! The last load.

Up close and personal with the inner workings of the forklift.

Checking the list. All done!

Nathan wants to ride his own truck!
Now that most of the supplies are here, we have to figure out when to tackle the job of replacing the roof. Well, not we. John. Thank God for friends willing to help too!

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Jessica and Jason said...

What an adventure! And I just love little boys. :) One of my favorite pics is Noah looking out the window. What a cutie!