March 21, 2009

Enjoying the Day

It was a wonderful day for a walk! John was picking up roofing supplies so it was just the boys and I this time. As soon as Josiah got home from school we got ready for our walk. Nathan wanted to ride in a stroller too when he saw me getting Noah's stroller ready. It wasn't until I assured him that he could help push Noah that he acquiesced.

The boys were full of energy to begin our adventure. Nathan took full advantage of his new position as stroller pusher. All of our boys love the outdoors. When Noah sees someone getting a jacket on, he makes it known that he too wants to go outside.

Here's Josiah running ahead of us to the corner.

Once at the corner, he has to wait for the rest of us to catch up.

We're almost there!

Josiah found his first stick of the day!

Notice the spread! Nathan left the stroller with me so that he could run ahead too. Josiah looks like a speck at the corner.

Now that we're all together again, Josiah shows me his trick.

" Take a picture of me falling, Mom!"

Nathan has found his own stick by this time.

Oooo! A little pine cone!

Nathan called the pine cone a worm and dropped it right away.

Josiah's not afraid of handling pine cones. :0)

He's got two of them of them and carried them in his pocket for awhile.

Nathan loves to run too.

Aha! Josiah has found the biggest "stick."

The grass is getting a hint of green in it.

" Nice! But you guys can't keep those sticks."
We were about 3 blocks from home when Nathan told me he had to go potty. "Okaaaay....", I say as I'm scoping the street for an emergency peeing spot. "You have to wait a little bit. Can you do that? We're almost home." "Are you okay? Are you waiting?" "Just a little farther." "I see our house. Do you see it? Can you make it?" We made it. Yeah!

Noah's waiting for Nathan to do his business. "Are we walking or what?"

We're off again! Josiah and Nathan check out what's in the sewer.

We spot flowers blooming in a garden.

What's this? Maybe an old chute for coal?

As we're planning to walk for several more blocks, I notice Nathan has assumed his tired pose.

More evidence of Spring

Josiah spotted these little flowers for us.

Nathan is really dragging by this time. There are a lot less pictures of the second half of our walking adventure since I was carrying Nathan sometimes while pushing Noah in the stroller. Josiah helped out by pushing the stroller for me when I asked him. Once again when we were three blocks from home I hear Nathan, "I've got to go potty." "Okaaaaayyy..... We're almost there. Can you wait?" I carried him a while and will admit I was hoping that I wouldn't feel any warm liquid starting to spread onto my waist. There was carrying, walking, encouraging and then we were home again.
After arriving home, we spent some time on the porch swinging and resting. It wasn't long before the boys were fully energized again. Nathan certainly slept well that night!

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Jessica and Jason said...

What a great way to run out some energy! Kudos to Mama for risking the adventure. It was touch and go there with the peepee scare. ;)