March 31, 2009

Backseat Antics

Recently, we switched Noah to a forward facing car seat. Now he can reach Nathan easily. Before, Nathan used to reach over and bug Noah by taking his toy or just by putting his hand over there in his space. Reciprocal action has ensued.

It's amazing how quickly fun and fussing can morph into the other. For example, you're having a great time smacking each other with the giant ball when all of a sudden your playmate stops playing that game without informing you. There is crying and yelling as, suddenly, the same thing that was fun a minute ago now hurts. Someone is in trouble and it's usually the one with the "weapon." Thanks a lot, punk.

Thankfully, this time the direction went from fussing to fun, from yelling to laughter, from (fake) tears to smiles, from hitting to playing. Fun is so much better! I'm a big fan of fun.

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Jessica and Jason said...

That brings back so many childhood memories of my two little brothers. Somebody always ended up crying... doesn't happen quite as much anymore, thankfully.