March 30, 2009


This is my dad. He went to the zoo with us and then took us to Taco Bell for lunch. What a nice dad!
So .... as we're sitting in Taco Bell, Josiah looks at Grandpa and asks, "Why are you wearing those pants with your peepee showing?" *snicker* Grandpa first had to look down to make sure his fly wasn't open or something. *I'm still snickering* Grandpa told Josiah that they're called chaps and they protect his legs when he rides the motorcycle. I told Josiah that Grandpa has jeans like Daddy's underneath the chaps. Then there were the multiple questions about how they work and how they fasten and what they're made of.....
If Josiah tries to make his own chaps with scissors, someone's going to be in trouble!


Judy Bradt said...

Micah and Cherish made some new and shorter hairdos with scissors a long time ago - brings back fun memories!

Jessica and Jason said...

LOL!!!!! I bet your dad loved that one!