March 20, 2009

My Milo

Meet Milo. John surprised me and brought him home after finding him abandoned in a stairwell. He was just a little kitten then. Milo is now a year and a half old. Josiah named him Milo from the movie, Milo and Otis.

Nathan has a hard time leaving Milo alone. He loves "my Milo."

Yes, I know Nathan's outfit doesn't go together. He's potty training, okay?

Come here, Milo. Ouch!

One day, I heard Nathan tell Noah, "Don't hit Milo. Leave my Milo alone!" As if.

We often have to tell Nathan to put the cat down so he doesn't end up choking Milo.

In spite of this, Milo takes it all extremely well. I even thinks he likes it.

Nathan is pointing at Milo's litter box. Milo is the only cat I know that doesn't bury his crap.
Since Nathan gets scolded when he doesn't "go poopy in the potty", he will often scold Milo too.
Sometimes I have to yell, "Get off the cat!" since Nathan will literally lay on Milo.

Sometimes I think he would rather be in that stairwell.....
In spite of it all, Milo still hangs around us -- all of us.


daddy said...

Every morning when we get up to take Josiah to the bus Nathan is asking where his kitty is, not ours, his.

Grandma said...

AND how can you yell at that kitty face??!!!

Jessica and Jason said...

LOL. This is a great post.