March 30, 2009

Taco Bell Time

And now a word from our sponsor.....
Well, even though Taco Bell won't acknowledge the advertisement, I'll write about our lunch there anyway.

Hathead here loves the cheesy double beef burrito. I open it up and feed the filling to him by the forkful. More please.

Nathan likes to eat a hard taco as well as some of my nachos and some of Noah's burrito.

Josiah likes the soft tacos. Today, he put two hot sauce packets and one fire sauce packet on his taco. After 2 bites, he gave it to Grandpa because "it's too spicy." Go figure. Even my dad couldn't finish it. He started sneezing and his nose began running...

Josiah and Noah reaching for whatever John's passing out.

When Josiah started laying around, I asked him if he was tired and maybe needed a nap too. "I'm just recharging my engine", he whispered to me.

Noah lets us know that he's done with things by throwing them on the floor. This cup is about to take a dive. We're working on better communication methods.

That engine must have gotten recharged. Josiah started swinging himself around after a few minutes.
Mmm .... yummy lunch. Thanks!


Kathy said...

Nathan doesn't look too pleased with you... hehe... He looks like he's wanting to say, "Mom... you take too many pictures..." LOL.

Jessica and Jason said...

"I'm just recharging my engine" - how cute.