September 18, 2009

Weather Report

After a week of doing other things besides housework, I came into the living room and greeted Josiah this morning. Then I commented while gesturing at all the toys and stuff, "Wow... Do you think a tornado came through here?" Josiah cocks his head, says no, and asks me, "Why did you ask that?" So I explain, "Well, all these toys and paper are spread around here like a tornado could have thrown them there, don't you think." He looks around and says, "Yeaaaaa.... Well. It's a good thing a real tornado didn't come here!" Josiah then goes on to describe his imagined chaos and destruction of our rooms and house had a tornado truly come.

(This is a tornado that did NOT come to my house.)

I love how literal kids take our common phrases. It really makes you think about how you use your words.

Well, while you're thinking about your words and phrases.... I've got some cleaning to do!

1 comment:

Missy said...

Kids are awesome that way. I love how literally he took it and could describe it to you.

I sometimes wish I had a video camera constantly going so I could capture all of those kinds of moments with my kids.