September 23, 2009

An Evening Out

I had a date yesterday. Was it romantic? No. Delightful? Yes! It entailed a movie, diamonds, dinner, and shopping. My date was the sweetest, most imaginative and curious six year old boy that I know. Josiah.

We went to the movie first because, well, it's a school night and a 4:30 showing was our only chance to make it. After all, bedtime comes pretty early for a first grader. We watched the movie Up. It was great! There were happy, sad, funny, hilarious, perilous, and touching moments. We both enjoyed it.

At some point, Josiah started talking about gems and diamonds so I told him that we could go to Uncle Micah's store and see real diamonds. So we did. Micah cleaned my wedding ring for me while we were there and showed us different diamonds. I pointed out to Josiah a ring set that looked similar to mine. He agreed but said the other one was "a lot fancier than yours." Thanks, kid. At least after mine was clean again, it looked fancier than it had going into the store.

Next it was time for dinner. I suggested Wendy's. Josiah suggested McDonald's. Alright. We can do McDonald's. "Can we go to the one with the big playground?", he asks. "Okay", I agree, "but then we won't have time to go to the store." Just as I'm passing Wendy's he concludes, "Let's just go to Wendy's." I think I may have ran a red light turning into the lot! What option did I have? I was already halfway through the intersection to go straight so I did a quick traffic check and turned left before noticing that the left turn lane had a red light. Surely that light didn't apply to last minute mind changers like us. During dinner, we had a fun visit. We talked about the movie, school, television shows, chocolate syrup, etc. It's hard to know where a conversation with Josiah may go.

It was getting close to bedtime by now, but we went to Dollar Tree so that Josiah could choose something. Dollar Tree makes it so easy; everything in there is one dollar! He perused the toy aisle for awhile. When I asked him if he wanted to look at any of the other aisles, he agreed to check them out. He found the perfect item... a bicycle lock with keys! I am certain that we will now make an opportunity for Josiah to lock his bike somewhere.

I told Josiah that I was glad to have this time together with just the two of us. He said, "Yeah, the babies bother me a lot." Thanks, kid. Then in his own way and his own words, he let me know that he really enjoyed our one on one time together too and that he would like to do it more often. Me too.


Missy said...

That sounds like a perfectly wonderful "date". I've taken my Bella out a few times without her brother, but she always wants to bring Braden with us. She cries for him. It's a nice bond. But I'm confident she loves the one on one time too.

Jessica and Jason said...

What a great date!