September 16, 2009

The Grudge

My brother invited us to join him on his boat. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon! We got our swimsuits, our sunscreen, our snacks, and our drinks then we met Matt and the kids and followed him to the boat launching place.

John helped Matt get the boat into the water.

The kids and I waited in the grass until loading time.

We saw a lot of boats.

Then Matt and John told us that the boat wouldn't start and they took it back out of the water!

That boat has a grudge against me! This was the second time I had planned to go on that boat. The first time was thwarted by a blown out trailer tire. This time it was the boat itself plotting the demise of my plans.

Well, I'm not one to let someone or something's grudge effect me negatively! We just did what we did after the first thwarting; we went to the beach. Again.

And we played in the sand...

With our makeshift bucket which was originally a container for animal crackers.

We did some building, some burying, and some swimming.

We even played a little Frisbee. It's a good thing my car is kid friendly. The trunk provided the the Frisbee, shovel, rake, "bucket", and ruler. Yes, that's right, a ruler for, you know, smoothing the sand. Hey, I had to have three sand tools for my three boys.

Unlike the other sandlubbers, Josiah and I went in the water. I showed him all the different swimming techniques that I know how to do. Though not impressive to most any swimmer, my techniques and abilities were superb to Josiah who is just getting interested in learning to swim. Superb.

It was a fabulous day of family fun! The only concern I have is that my boys may start to believe that "going on the boat" actually means "going to the beach."

I'll get you next time, Boat.

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