September 24, 2009


Nathan might just be the most appreciative little boy I know. He almost always says, "Thank you." And often at times that take me by surprise.

As I'm making quesadillas for dinner, Nathan sees one cooking and says, "That's my FAVorite! Thank you!"

Nathan and I were painting yesterday. As we were looking at our artwork, I gave him a kiss and he says, "Thank you, Mommy, for kissing me." He's so adorable.

Today he is looking for his shoes and I tell him they are by the door. He responds, "Thank you for finding my shoes, Mommy!"

After cleaning up a gross mess I hear, "Thank you, Mommy, for cleaning my poop."

Appreciation is nice.

Sometimes I think God has granted him the gift of thankfulness (and extreme cuteness) to help me better cope with the other "gifts" he has such as boundless energy, willfulness, and outspokenness which are wonderful traits when they are developed properly. So when I get frustrated or embarrassed that he has difficulty sitting still or stubbornly doesn't respond when he is called, I can be thankful that he's healthy, friendly, and thankful.

And someday he will be a bold, strong, energetic, determined, friendly, and thankful young man.