September 29, 2009

Hazardous Conditions

We received a phone call from my dad yesterday. He told me that the news was reporting big waves, a lot of debris, broken branches, and flooded roads from the ongoing storm. My parents were going to drive to the peninsula to see for themselves and they wanted to know if we wanted to come too.

What's that you say? Dangerous conditions? Count us in! As Admiral Perry would say, "Hazard is my middle name!" Seriously, it really was. Admiral Oliver Hazard Perry. I read it on the monument at the peninsula but that's another story altogether.

We drove to the beach to see the waves come crashing in. It was beautiful ... and wet.

Hm. I don't remember this little pond being here...

John showed the boys how to throw a stick into the waves to see if it would come ashore again.

These are NOT the sticks John threw. John has not yet perfected throwing logs.

Doesn't Noah look like a little sea captain?

Then we headed down the road to another beach with even bigger waves.

There were a few waves that surprised us and splashed our feet even though we thought we had retreated to a safe distance.
Ah! The promised flooded road!

Not our typical sunset

And not our typical family outing but it sure was fun!

After getting pretty wet and cold, we went to Sara's....

and ate ice cream!

And there was much rejoicing.
and running.
and dripping.
and dancing.
and laughing.

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