September 29, 2009

The Good Life

Every Tuesday I go to Josiah's school to help facilitate lunch. My mom has babysat Nathan and Noah the past two Tuesdays; however, today I forgot to make plans ahead of time. Instead of calling her at the last moment, I decided to take the boys with me.

I packed them a lunch. Put them in the car. Went back into the house for the forgotten diaper bag which I ended up not needing but I'm certain the story would have been different had I not grabbed the bag. That's just the way things happen with me.

Nathan and Noah wanted to sit with the school children so I set their places at one of the boys' tables. There they joyfully ate their lunch while entertaining the older children around them.

Between lunch groups, Nathan took a potty break and delighted in the automated toilets, faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers! "Ha Ha Ha! The wind got my hair!" Then Noah got in on the action too. Oh, how deprived my boys have been! Have they never before used a toilet that would flush itself? Have they never before turned on a faucet without touching a handle? Have they never experienced the joy of walking by an automatic hand dryer and being blown upon? Have they never had to guess how far the soap dispenser would squirt the soap? Apparently not.

As I think about my deprived children, another example comes to my mind. One day Josiah asked me, "Why does Uncle Matt and Aunt Belinda's toast pop out?". The picture that came to mind was that of an overactive, renegade toaster that is a little too excited about popping up that toasted bread but then I remember.... we have a toaster oven. The concept of toast popping out of the toaster was new to him. I've deprived my child of a regular toast popping toaster!

Now I must ponder what other luxuries my children have yet to experience.

Nah! These boys have it easy!

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