September 14, 2009

Play Ball!

We went to the Seawolves' last home game of the season.
We got there early enough to enjoy hot dogs, chips, and drinks before the game began.

Grandpa and Grandma met us at the game.

Mmm... chips.

The crowd was big since it was the last home game AND buck night!
Hot dogs, popcorn, pop, and beer were only a buck.

The game was fun. The Seawolves' first two points were home runs.

Oh yeah, this is niiiice.

I find it humorous when John talks to the players as if they can hear him. I also enjoyed the contests and entertainment between innings. The dancing grounds crew was hilarious!

I asked Holly to take a picture for me. Tah dah! Here's Noah and me hanging out while Josiah, Nathan, and John were getting ready to storm the field. That gentleman beside me had a beer that Noah was convinced was lemonade for the taking. I had to do a lot of blocking during the game. Noah was not impressed with my blocking skills; he found the blocks annoying.

Here it is! The Kid Stampede! Oh the joy of running across the baseball field! Can you see Josiah and Nathan? Neither could I.

Since it was a school night, we left before the game was over but I checked back with Mike and he let me know that the Seawolves won 4-3. Hurray!

Thanks for the tickets, Dad. We had a great time.

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