January 29, 2010

Moving Shmoving

I have moved 13 times in my life. Each move was a good move too. And by good, I don't mean that the moves were always easy but that each move added something positive to my life.

My most recent move was when I married John. THAT has definitely added a lot to my life. Husband, new family, babies, pets, neighbors.... Some day I'll tell you stories about my neighbors.

Today I am thinking of other people moving. It is possible that I have a harder time with friends moving than me being the one who moves. I think it's because of nostalgia. The memories of important moments in my life spent at that person's house replay in my mind and I think, "I'll never be able to visit this place again."

"This is the yard I played Kick the Can and my friend got clotheslined running in the dark."

"There is where the mistletoe hung where I kissed my first love."

"That is the wiggly doorknob that nearly scared my friend to death after we watched Nightmare on Elm Street."

"The 'fort' at my grandparents' house is where we had countless hours of fun and make-believe."

Now I realize that I take on the worry of moving for others too. My client, Miss Hepburn, is moving soon and I wonder what she will be able to take with her. Will she be able to keep her dog? She loves that dog. Will she have a hard time leaving the house that her son built for her and her husband? She has done such a nice job at decorating it. This time it is not my cherished memories that I'm concerned about.... but hers.

Miss Hepburn won't need my services anymore and even though someone else will... I'll miss her because she has become my friend. May your move be a positive one.


Jessica and Jason said...

I love how you find little hidden gems in life; take them out, dust them off, polish them up and share them with people who care to look. Thank you, my friend. Miss Hepburn will certainly miss you.

Ginny Marie said...

Miss Hepburn was very lucky to have you! You sound like such a loving and giving caregiver. I hope Miss Hepburn is able to keep her dog!

Marie said...

Oh...I hope it all goes well...

Melissa B. said...

Moving's no fun. But a new start is, oui?

The Saturday Sphinx

Cha Cha said...

Moving, Oh, I will pray for you. Moving is the worst to me, your attitude is great though. Good luck.

Cha Cha