February 1, 2010

And the Winner Is.... Mom

I'm sure that EVERYBODY is talking about the Miss America Pageant. Well. Most people... half of everybody? Okay. One out of ten. *ahem* Well, I am.

After not seeing the pageant for years, I said to myself, "Sarah, you're going to have to watch that pageant this year." After finding out what day the pageant aired, I waited until Saturday to do my show prep.

I did a search on the Internet and came to this page which showed me each contestant's picture, name, and state. Of course, I pulled out my index card and listed all the states' two-letter abbreviations and the first name of the contestant. Step 1 complete. Then I pulled up the post office web site and made sure that I wrote down all the abbreviations correctly. YES! I still have it.

Next, I scrolled through each contestant choosing my preliminary favorites based on their photos. I picked 12, then erased one. (Sorry #12.) Seriously, Rhode Island, this is supposed to be a contest to be a public relations person, not some sultry magazine model. Couldn't you find a "girl next door" picture like everyone else?

Then I had John look through everybody and choose his favorites because that's what I do.

He only chose six and five of those were ones I had chosen. His only chance of pulling out a singular win was dependant upon Miss Vermont's success.

As John was giving his quick yes or no, Noah started mimicking him and doing his own, "No, no, no, no, no...." Wow. He's tough.

Then Josiah joined in the scrutiny! His first remark? "Her face is too square." Really? Then, "Round, oval, oval, oval, round..." Then there was much laughter.


Since the pageant was on TLC, I went to my parents' house and watched the show with my mom. Yes, I sucked her into it too.

I was pulling for Miss Oregon during the pageant but she was eliminated before I left for work. That's right. I didn't get to see the end because of work.

No worries though.

We recorded it.

And I watched the whole thing again with my sister-in-law, Holly, on Sunday.

We watched the evening gowns (There was one gown I didn't like because it didn't allow for "gliding".) ... the swimsuits (Sorry, DC, but you were thrusting your rib cage out. This is not a show for starving children. Besides that, I haven't seen my ribs for some time.) ... the talents (One sang a Whitney Houston song. Lovely song. Lovely voice, but COME ON! You're putting yourself up against Whitney instead of the other contestants. Most anyone would have a hard time with a sing off against Whitney.) ... and finally, the Questions. (Please, ladies, focus on the actual question asked. You forgot where you started and I'm pretty sure that is why you two finished last.)

The big moment finally arrived!

Miss Virginia is the new Miss America!

I know the suspense was killing you.

"Isn't she lovely...."

Just so you know, she was on MY list (and not John's).

Wait! Wait! The best was yet to come.

On the way home from Grandma and Grandpa's house last night, Josiah asked me, "Did you ever win won of those contests, Mom?"

Me: No, I didn't.

Josiah: Why not?

Me: Well, I never entered one of those...

Josiah: You could wear your wedding dress.

Me: I suppose I could...

He thinks I would win! (Josiah, now would be a good time to ask for whatever it is you've been wanting.)

P.S. I was going to name this post "And the Winner is ... ME" but then I thought that you would think,"Is she out of her mind? Miss Maine did NOT win the pageant; she didn't even make the first cut! Obviously this person has no idea what she is writing about." (because I have faith in you to know the 2-letter abreviation for states too and that those abreviations are foremost on your mind at all times) and then you wouldn't read that it was indeed me that won because I picked the winner and John didn't and Josiah (God bless him!) implied that I too could have won.


The Boob Nazi said...

I haven't watched that show in years. It depresses me.

Shell said...

Aw, that's sweet!

Ms. Diva said...

I watched for the first time in yea also!! I think I remember the gown you are talking about - because I thought the same thing!

Melissa B. said...

I'm a Texan, and so I'm used to Miss Texas always landing in the Top 10. But according to today's paper, Miss VA has won quite a few times recently. Yay for the Old Dominion!

Marie said...

That was so sweet of Josiah!
But wow! Did you really do all that prep to watch the pageant?

hubby said...

my wife would win every beauty show she entered!!

Bethany said...

I used to watch these all the time. I loved them. I lost track of when they are on.

I'm so proud of you for knowing all your state abbreviations. I used to. Alf (do you remember him?) taught me via a computer program when I was a kid. I wonder if I still got it...

bluecottonmemory said...

I have you penciled in for next years show - you did a great prep and review! Now I know I just need to come here!

P.S. isn't it great when those little guys think you are Miss America! I'd get it on video because he won't admit that in a few years:) LOL (even if he does believe it in his heart:))

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words and support during the loss of my fil!

Jessica and Jason said...

I enjoyed the "round round oval round." lol. If I'd been around I'd SO have watched it with you!

Mama Michie (aka Michaela) said...

Oh that is so cute!! You have a little sweetie there!

Mox said...

That's awesome. My daughter tells me I'm stinky and have ugly boobs. She's a turd. Anywho, when I was a kid I watched Miss America with my Grandma and one year we both picked Miss OK for the win. When she made it to the top two, I had to leave the room because I couldn't handle the suspense. When I came back in, she had LOST. It was devastating.