February 24, 2010

Friends Don't Leave Friends in the Dark

I've been thinking about where to begin this tale of travel. After much consideration, I decided that I would start somewhere in the middle and work my way around sort of in a spiral pattern. Beginning to end is so overrated, isn't it? No? Oh well.

The five of us that traveled together are my dad, my brother and sister-in-law, Dave, and me. Now for some reason Dave felt the need to look out for me. Probably because he's a dad, husband, and grandpa AND he didn't want to answer to John if anything bad would have happened to me. Little did he know that I'm pretty independent. Not careless. I just know when I'm capable of doing something without assistance. But I humored him a bit and let him do his guardian duties .... sometimes.

Dave is the one looking at the camera instead of the view.

One dark rainy night when the power was out, Dave waited to walk me across the street to the house in which we were staying. Thanks, Dave.

Since there was no power and neither of us had flashlights with us, the house was very, very dark when we got in there. So I did my trick.

As I started walking to my room, I told Dave, "Just shut your eyes real tight then open them again and you will be able to see better...." and I went to my room, climbed in bed and went to sleep without a second thought.

The next day I learned that Dave hadn't heard me and spent some time getting his phone out and trying to use the light of his phone as a sort of flashlight and continued stumbling through the house to his room after realizing that I had already vanished. (I will admit that I laughed upon hearing this.)

"What? Really? You don't know that trick?" Apparently more moms than dads use that technique when entering a dark room....

Micah and Holly informed us that pirates would wear those eye patches for just such a reason. They would flip up that patch when raiding a ship in the dark and be able to see perfectly. And it must be a true story.... it was on Myth Busters. And to think, I thought those pirates were just clumsy and frequently poked their eyes out.

Maybe the next trip I'll bring my own eyepatch... or get one for Dave at least.


Christy said...

i knew about the eye patch, but never thought to close my own eyes before entering a dark room/house...thanks for the tip!
stopping by from sits

mommaof4wife2r said...

all good stuff...and the old pirate trick is a good one!!! stopping in from SITS to say hello~!

Marie said...

I though Mythbusters said the eye patch thing didn't work? Ah well...the shutting eyes thing does work!

Jessica and Jason said...

LOL!! I'm so getting an eye patch now. And I do agree that beginning to end IS overrated at times. So spiral on, sista, spiral on.

Mama Michie (aka Michaela) said...

I didn't know that about the eye patch, that's really interesting!

I can't say that I ever thought of closing my eyes and then opening them again... I would usually just stand there and wait for them to adjust. Thanks for the tip!