February 4, 2010

Child Rearing Is a Full Time Job

Train up a child in the way he should go.... Some things are very important.

Encourage creativity.

Get permission before touching breakables.

Take care of those smaller than you.

Treasure "old" things.
Some day you may really, really appreciate it.

Keep your face clean.

Try to look at things from another viewpoint.

Stay hydrated.

Never, ever punch your uncle in the you-know-what's.
Nic said that Josiah almost learned his first vulgarity.

(Nobody worry. He recovered. I think.)

Note: They may be shocked initially when you enforce your standards but it's worth it.
I hope.


daddy said...

my boys are so cute

The Boob Nazi said...

He punched his uncle in the crotchal region? hahahahaha I think I'll tell my nephew to do that to his dad ASAP.

Jessica and Jason said...

Perfect pictures to illustrate your points. This should be published in a parenting mag asap. ;) (I enjoy the thumbs up picture "No worries - we're all okay!")

bluecottonmemory said...

I love this! And the pictures are so perfect, too!
P.S. My youngest one has a move called the "door knob" that he used on his older, much taller brother when he was much littler. We've had to ban it:)Oddly, it had an Alpha-Dog-equalizer-now-we're-buds effect.

But I still absolutely love this post:)

Jennifer said...

Great pictures and life lessons!

tammy said...

My three gentlemen are all in their 20's...and YES it is worth it. :) Keep on teaching them those values....someday your daughter in laws will thank you. :)

Mox said...

Adorable! So creative.

Marie said...

Counting on you and all the other mommies ahead of me in this game to show me that it is worth it!
Great pictures!