January 8, 2010

In a Minute!

I have class this weekend. There is one class tonight and one class tomorrow morning.

This is actually the snow-date class. The original dates were December 11-12 but a snow storm came, the roads were bad, and it was pushed back until now.

Guess what? I still have to finish my homework. That's right. Still.

Of course, the morning of the original class date I had laid out all the books and notes that I needed to write my two essays but then the class cancellation phone call came and I immediately re-prioritized my day. After all, I had just been given the time to catch up on the previous days' tasks. I don't remember what those tasks were but I'm sure they were very, very important.

My month in which to finish the homework quickly filled with shopping (that Christmas deadline was looming), decorating (Christmas again), planning (um.. yeah), cooking (there's always that except when I don't do it), celebrating (Christmas! and New Years! and football not so much), visiting (must be social), playing (new games, ya know), reading the novels which I received for Christmas (I certainly don't want to seem ungrateful!), and, yes, blogging (the monologue in my head has to come out sometime).

That brings me to today and I find myself just a bit closer to completion on the homework front. (The Mentalist was a rerun last night so I wrote an essay then.) It's not like the homework is hard; it will just take a block of my time. Once more I must bust out the books and notes and write that last essay... after I finish cooking a special breakfast for my guys.

I hear another storm is heading my way too.....


2busy said...

I love that Procrastinators unite tomorrow...Perfect!

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Ms. Diva said...

Tomorrow is good! Maybe. How about Tuesday?

Bethany said...

I used to put all of my homework off until the night before it was due and end up staying up until 2am to finish it.

I totally understand the inner monologue. I feel like I narrate my whole life in my head.

Shell said...

Did you get snow? I watched The Mentalist last night because it was new for me.

Marie said...

Yes. Tomorrow. I had a work deadline that my boss kept letting me push back. Sometimes that just isn't good. Firm deadlines mean for me that it gets done.