December 14, 2009

Work or Play?

There's a new way to shovel. Apparently it helps support the back so that injuries are less likely to happen, back injuries anyway.
It's called Swing Shovelling
or Shovel Swinging
or maybe the Shoveling Swing
... Swinging Shoveler?
It's simple really. All you have to do is set up your swing set over the area which needs to be shoveled. This requires a dirt shoveler, wrench, maybe a hammer, and, you know, just a little bit of time. Next swing and shovel until everything within reach is clear. Then just repeat these steps over and over.

Fine. Do it the old-fashioned way but Nathan's way looks like a lot more fun!

After Nathan had been outside for quite some time working on perfecting his invention and then conquering the snow hills, I asked him if he was cold and "Are you ready to come inside?" He's building up his cold endurance because in spite of his red cheeks and nose, he claimed that wasn't cold yet. (The endurance time has really expanded after he embraced the wisdom of using his warm, water-proof gloves instead of his easy to get on knitted gloves.)

His look was pleading with me to allow him to stay outside longer. How can you say "no" to this face?

Or this... this... or this. (Don't worry. I have a LOT of practice in this area.)
But this day... he stayed outside.

Then Noah joined him.

Noah doesn't have quite the amount of cold endurance built up so I had hot chocolate at the ready. He also tends to stumble on the snow drifts and just sits there until I run outside from my window perch to help him back up. It's a good thing for him that Nathan and I had shoveled pathways in the yard. He only needed rescued twice.

Even our dog, Cairo, got into the snow fun and pinned her chew toy face down in the snow until it squeaked to the count of ten.

The record holder for cold endurance is Josiah though. He'll stay in the snow for hours. Shoveling, building, transporting, building igloos, and whatever else his imagination comes up with.

There's nothing better to than to top off a round of snow play with some delicious hot chocolate. (It really helps with the coming-in blues too.)


FlaggFamily said...

Very cute!

Kristen said...

I know it can be annoying to hear from those of us who have no snow, but I'm so jealous! I miss the snow like crazy, so I really enjoyed looking at all of these pics!

mooneyequalsmc2 said...

Brilliant snow shoveling technique!

Stopping by from SITS to say hello. Have a warm, cozy week!


Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Kristen, that wouldn't be annoying to me unless it was... oh say... MAY and I still had snow. At that time, I could see it being very annoying. ;)

Thank you for stopping by, Mindy!

Missy said...

See and I thought the back saving technique was making your kids shovel, although I have to admit that swing shoveling does sound like a lot of fun. I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't mind the know.

Cristina said...

I really don't know how you say no to that face. He is absolutely adorable. I am almost positive the hot cholocate helps!

With love from SITS,


Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Missy, that's a good point about the child labor. I could send them out as the advance team to do the heavy lifting then go outside myself to do the finish work to avoid and slushiness and refreezing. Wait. They like to shovel the yard instead of the walk so I'll have work out the kinks in that plan.

Cristina (without the h), thank you for stopping by. His adorableness probably helps him get away with a lot... just not so much with me. Doesn't chocolate help just about everyone's attitude?