December 17, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

When we are young and carefree, we never think we'll become that person.

Today I'm thinking of the list of items my young, single self would never have imagined I would ever want for Christmas. Who am kidding? I wouldn't have thought this even five years ago!

Here goes.

Dear Santa,

I know there are lots of fun toys available for the asking but there are a few things I need/want that I'm too cheap to buy on my own.

1. Vacuum- preferrably one that would recognize Legos and spit them into a separate compartment so that I can rescue them without all the bending and crawling currently needed to avoid sucking them up.

2. Carpet Cleaner- Is there a super fast model? One that dries as it goes too? Or maybe one that vacuums, saves Legos, cleans, AND dries? That would be good. Then you could skip #1.

3. Kitchen chair- More like a bar stool with a back. Not too high but not too low. Maybe an adjustable one. And a cushion. Could I get that with a back massager included?

4. Couch cushions- Or my current couch cushions recovered. I mean, I already have to turn them so the backs face outward... I'm running out of ways to hide the holes. Could the new cushions or covers have an anti-picking device installed. I don't want to name names per se but JOHN and the rest of the boys keep making the holes bigger. (I so told on them!)

5. Snow pants- preferrably ones that include motivation, endurance, and energy to keep up with my snow loving boys.

6. Lesley Sansoane's Walk off your Waist DVD (it comes with a weight belt) - Yeah, I don't want to talk about it. Well, maybe you and I could work on our waistlines together, Santa? Oh. Right. Yes, I know how it is when you have a bunch of little people underfoot....

7. A new front door- I would like one that is pretty, secure, easy to open and close, and the color of my bricks. You can stop by for a color sample if you need to.

8. Organizational Stuff- Office supplies. Toy organizing equipment. I know! Some extra storage closets would be wonderful! OR.... could I just have one of those red bags you've got? They seem to hold a lot of stuff. Maybe you have an old one just laying around somewhere? Yes? No?

Anyway, that about does it for my run of the mill items that I really, really want for Christmas this year. Thank you in advance for the special modifications I know that you can pull off. *fingers crossed*



Amy said...

I feel ya on the whole couch thing!! Mine are 10 years old and have been a sick bed, guest bed, gymnastic tumbling surface for 2 of my kids and 4 of my nephews and niece. They are the furniture equivalent of a glue horse! I have the couch cushions wrapped in a cotton blanket and the arms of the loveseat are sporting pretty place mats tacked into ... See Moreplace to keep curious fingers from picking the foam to bits. Good night they are expensive to replace though!

I would like the toy sorting, carpet scrubbing/drying vacuum cleaner, let me know if you get one and see if they have a riding version of it for!!

Stephanie Stearns Dulli said...

Hysterical! I think the vacuum is a billion dollar idea, myself.

mooneyequalsmc2 said...

Sarah, I love your list. How responsible! Today I mentioned how happy I would be to get a few packs of new underwear ( and not the sexy kind ) and a new, larger firesafe to keep the baby's meds in. Good grief, when did I get so old?

What I really want, they do not even make. I secretly wish that they would make a new SingStar game that is SHOWTUNES! If I could karaoke Fiddler on the Roof my life would be compelte!

Belinda said...

Funny stuff!! A suggestion on the couch cushions...a couch monkey!! Similar to the trunk monkey, but when it senses that someone is picking at the couch, it pops out & makes loud noises that scare them off. Unfortunately, they retreat to the chairs...then you have to get a chair monkey!!! Oh well!!!