December 28, 2009

Red Faced and Loving It

There's nothing quite like a good embarrassment. This must be the reason why we pull out all the stops on Christmas.


Admit your size to the entire family when letting your Christmas list be known.

The events:
1. Trivia games. Play that 2-second trivia game with super easy questions and show everyone how quickly your brain can freeze.

2. Wii. A new dancing video game? Fun! or... Act like Elaine when attempting to follow the dance moves on the TV screen! I admit there were way too many cameras and video recorders around for me to participate in this particular event. Just think... I could have been the next YouTube star! Oh well.

3. Open all those presents and then test your memory skills by thanking each person for the specific gift received. Watch their face closely for clues as to whether you are getting it right. "Thank you so much for the b... uh... swea.... uh... GIFT. I love it!" Then dig diligently through the packaging to find the labels.

4. See how many desserts you can eat while rationalizing the healthiness of them. Oh wait. That wasn't an official event. I just did that on my own. See? Fruit! Fruit is so good for you.

5. Be sure to leave the Christmas wrappings where they lay so you can frantically clean up just before company arrives. This is great fun! Then when you open the door to welcome your guests you have that fresh out-of-breath, red-faced look... kind of like Santa which is very holiday-like. Oh. And just tell them that you haven't cleaned up after the big day yet (since you only had time to stuff the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and pick up the laundry strewn about the house).

Seriously? How do that many presents leave so much wrapping paper behind? It's a miracle.

I'm probably leaving out some really good embarrassing moments. Do you have any to share?

Our Christmas was truly wonderful. We're blessed with great family and had treasured time together. And if you can't be yourself with family... where else can you do it, huh?


Debbie said...

Those desserts look too good to be true! And you had me smiling thinking about Elaine dancing:)

Bethany aka Missy said...

Sometimes I dance like Elaine just for kicks. Pun intended.

I think you must be a better person then me b/c yesterday when people showed up to my house I sat on the couch in my filth and said. I didn't bother cleaning up from Christmas, sorry if that offends you. And then my guest admitted he had on dirty underwear. So it worked out great.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Those desserts WERE awesome! I went back on Sunday just to "help clean up" the leftovers.

Bethany, Missy, Aka (can I call you Aka?) I'm glad your guests are so forthright and honest. It gave me a good laugh!

Marie said...

Fruit IS very very good for you!
So here's my embarrasing moment. My cousin and her family spent a few nights with us over the holidays. I stopped my late night chip and dip munching to show her teenage son how to do a crunch on an exercise ball because he was concerned about having eaten too much junk and getting too little exercise. So anyway...I show him the crunch and immediately resumed my munching! Geesh! I wonder where the waistline creep is coming from...