December 9, 2009

Ask Sarah

So I'm on facebook today which is common for me and my friend IMs me. (That's instant message for anyone that doesn't yet know and, by the way, where have you been?)

She asks me, "I am wondering do you know how to get melted crayon out of clothing? I washed Josh's pants and didn't realize he had crayons in them and then dried them in the dryer. I don't know if I can save the pants."

My oh-so-wise response: I've heard of something before. I'll try to remember. (I'm thinking that I know peanut butter gets gum out of hair...)
Oh! Try this...

Friend: yeah, it is quite bad it was like 3 crayons.

Me: Put an old rag over the wax stains, then iron the rag. It gets the wax to come onto the rag. I saw this work on spilt candle wax on carpet.

Friend: The bummer is most of it is in the pocket! But I will try it.

Me: Go ahead, ask me something else. I feel as though I'm on a roll!
Turn that pocket inside out.
(Another zinger! That's 2 for 2.)

Friend: This site says to freeze the pants first. LOL

Me: What do they know! Seriously :) (Dang! My friend doubted the authenticity of my response and googled it. This is in my most incredulous voice in my head: "You doubt me!?" Ha! That article only has a two and a half star rating. Mine would surely have a better rating than that!)

Friend: Maybe it helps get rid of a majority, then iron it.
or frozen parts snap off?
(I know you're trying to humor me. Just freeze the pants already. However, you will never know if my ironing tip would have removed the wax without the wait! *maniacal laughter*)
I am glad I haven't had to learn about this before

Some of my other I-know-how-to-do-its:
Open a pickle jar
Open a jelly jar
Open a salsa jar
Oh! Get ink out of fabric
Hard boil an egg
How to get gum out of hair
Open an applesauce jar
Open a hot pepper rings jar
I could go on but the list would be too long and eventually I'll run out of different kinds of jars.

Go ahead. Ask me a question. I'll know the answer. (And if I don't, I'll google it, ask around, or find out from another unsuspecting friend via IM.)

(Note: Statements in parenthesis are made in my head and must be read in my conspiratorial thought voice.) The previous statement was my out loud, informative, thought voice. Everyone clear?


John said...

So basically my wife knows how to open jars, awesome!!!

Serena said...

The iron thing does work great for wax. I don't know why it wouldn't work for crayons.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

My thought exactly, Serena!