December 22, 2009

Little Did I Know

The boys asked me if they could listen to some Christmas music yesterday. "Oh sure! The music is already in there; you just need to turn it on."

Later I began to think that Christmas Cd's should come with a warning label. They could make it a festive label if they want to. I don't mind.

I don't know how you are when you see a child bleeding but I DON'T LIKE IT. First I heard a bump, a cry, then the other boys saying, "Mooomm...." At the initial glance I thought Noah must have broken his nose or something; there was a LOT of blood. Relief flooded over me when I saw his forehead wound. "Okay. That's probably the source of it all..."

We brought the camera out after the bleeding was stopped because, well, there was bleeding and crying and I don't like pausing during an emergency for whatever reason.

Noah cleaned up real nice. I was hoping we could maybe do a butterfly bandage and be done with it but John declared that it would need stitches. "No, no, it will be fine..." I HATE the thought of causing more pain to my little one even when it is to help him. Besides, what did they do in the old days when.... Fine. "Take him to get looked at."

Apparently, if you were going to get injured, yesterday was the day to do it. The emergency room was virtually empty. (Maybe there WAS a warning label and everyone ELSE had heeded it!) They were ushered in to Fast Track, then to a room, and it wasn't very long before he was seen. Thankfully, the cut was able to be glued, not stitched. JOY!

The entire time I waited at home with the other boys wondering. What's happening at the ER? Will there be stitches? Is my baby okay?

Then it hit me. There could be a market for a sort of emergency-waiting kit. It would include coffee, of course, and a soothing voice of reassurance saying things like, "It will be okay... You'll hear from them soon... The doctor knows what he's doing... Don't worry." And other such rot. Hm. What would else should this waiting kit include?

Here are his mug shots. All that's missing is the name and number plaque; they put that on his wrist. Now he's on record as NOT heeding the warning on the Christmas Cd's.


Ms. Diva said...

Aren't boys great? At one point I had three girls and one boy. The three girls ZERO er trips! The one boy MANY er trips!! I'm glad he is ok though! Many doesn't make any easier to wait!

Cherish Shalom said...

This was a great story! In that kit would be a girlfriend bringing a fluffy pillow to hold and an elyptical to get rid of nervous energy! Loved the story.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hate to see little one's injured. Head injuries really do bleed so profusely...scares the heck outta me.

I dont know how you could stand to wait for word...I'd have done some deep cleaning or something to take my mind off of the wait, for sure.

Glad he is okay though. What song was he shakin' it to when he tumbled?

Debbie said...

What a sweetie! I'm so sorry he got hurt. At first, I thought that was chocolate all over his face. Maybe I'm eating too much candy?

Bethany aka Missy said...

aw, he's such a trooper. When I took my daughter to the ER for her head wound she writhed and screamed and cried and clung to mama.

The ER doctor did not like her.

I'm glad that Noah is ok and has hopefully learned his lesson about Christmas music.

Marie said...

Waaaaa! Poor baby! Head wounds are the worst bleeders. It must have scared you to death.