January 14, 2009

We Built It!

When I say "we" built it, I really mean "I" built it. That's the way of it. We did have a lot of fun. Sunday afternoon, Josiah, Nathan and I spent several hours playing and building in the snow. Nathan had to go inside after about an hour to get some rest. It was a perfect day for building an igloo. The snow packed well but wasn't too heavy. The sun was shining and the temperature wasn't bitterly cold. Our goal was to build an igloo big enough for the three of us to fit inside together. Josiah and I tested it and I think we succeeded though it would be a tight fit! Sarah and Josiah

Here I am shoveling out extra snow.

Josiah inside the igloo.

Josiah peering out.

Sarah and Josiah - proud of a job well done

Sarah inside

Our igloo in Grandma and Grandpa's front yard.


Kristen said...

Oh how I miss the snow. We don't get a whole lot down here in Lexington, KY. But my parents live in the snow belt of North Eastern Ohio, so I get my snow fix up there. Great igloo!

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME! Tell the boys Aunt Angie said they have THE COOLEST MOM EVER!

Jessica and Jason said...

Nice work! I bet your parents had fun with that in their front yard, too. You need a flag for the top next time.