January 14, 2009

Family Picture Day

Yesterday, we had our family pictures taken. Lots and lots of pictures. The boys really did a great job. It's not easy getting five people to focus at the same time. Thanks, Keith, for being so patient and capturing our antics on film. It was hard to choose our favorites. Here are some that won't be enlarged.
Diving children don't make for a good portrait.

Nathan is refusing to look at the camera by closing his eyes as tightly as he can.

Pointing, scratching, pulling and lunging....

Nathan is yelling. It looks like Josiah must have gotten contacts and one is out of place. Noah just wants down!

These were taken after all the posing was done. Tackle Daddy time!
Nathan almost got away!


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Anonymous said...

omgyg those are the ones that SHOULD be enlarged! they're so cute!