January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Josiah!

January 18th was Josiah's 6th birthday! We had a party at our house on Saturday, the night before. Despite the snowy weather, we had a good turnout. It was an all around good time!
Josiah with his "brick wall" cake and tool candles.
"Happy Birthday, dear Josiah....Happy Birthday to you"

Nathan gives Josiah a little help blowing out the candles.

Grandpa, Nona and Papa
Time to open gifts! Josiah treats opening gifts like an assembly line. He just circled the table and opened gift after gift. He took more time to look at them after they were all opened.

Olivia and her daddy, Mike.

Noah enjoyed all the festivities in his jammies.

My niece, Savannah, playing with a balloon.
Our friend Zamar

A few random shots of people playing and visiting.

We got Josiah to show us a few of his gifts. The next morning, he told me that "Lego's and locks are my favorite." That's right. He got padlocks for his birthday. Thank you, everyone, who came and celebrated with us!

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Jessica and Jason said...

Looks like a great party! Wish we could've made it. ;) That little redhead Olivia is ADORABLE. Josiah had some great goodies to eat, too. Great job, mama!