January 30, 2009

Another Snow Adventure

It's snowing a lot right now. All that snow coming down reminded me of Wednesday when the big winter storm hit and it took until Thursday for the plows to get our road swiped.

Wednesday morning we got out before the snow got too deep for our little car. We stopped once so John could help dig out a lady's car which had slid into a snow bank. We learned long ago to always have a shovel in our trunk!

After we returned home, John had a home project to do. He put in a new outlet in our bathroom so that we could run the space heater in there without the power going out. Warmth! After lunch, we headed out again. This time we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to enjoy some company, games, and a warm wood-burning stove. I love watching the fire.

It wasn't until nearly the boys' bedtime that we headed home and discovered that our street had not been plowed yet. John pushed our car to get it going at the corner then just jogged home while I kept the car moving through the deep snow. When we got to our driveway, John got out and starting shoveling. When I started to get out to help, Josiah said he wanted to help shovel too. Of course, Nathan chimed in then, "I wanna shobel." So everyone but Noah got a shovel and started clearing the driveway (and whatever other snow pile looked like fun). Noah did not appreciate waiting in the warm car. After a lot of pushing and digging we got the car into the drive. Our neighbors came across the street to help us with the final push.

While we were stilling shoveling a path to the door and visiting with the neighbors, Nathan had the scooter out and was trying to ride it through the 5 or 6 inches of snow on the sidewalk. I wish I had gotten a picture of it!!

Snow always seems to bring adventure.

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Jessica and Jason said...

Wow! What fun. We've just got rain out here. Nothing to shovel. Glad you guys were able to get home. That was a close one!