January 27, 2009

ExpERIEnce Children's Museum

We were blessed with a membership to the Erie Children's Museum this Christmas. Saturday was our first family visit. Since Josiah had been there before, he let the lady at the counter know that he would show us around. The museum is full of hands-on, learning activities that all the boys loved. I tried to capture the fun with a camera the best I could.

The first stop for Nathan was the giant bubble maker. I don't think he made one that lasted more than a second but he had a lot of fun trying.

The water table may be the all-time favorite. You can build dams and waterways and race the boats and ducks to the end of the table. Josiah made a reservoir too.

We all tried out the ball path where we could make any path we wanted with different sizes of wooden boards. Nathan was fascinated with the power of vibration moving and dumping the pasta into the container. He wanted to see it again and again.

The cave was very cool with cave drawings and even a slide.

Noah wasn't too sure about the rocking horse but they all loved the wind tunnels where they could put a ball in the tube then blow it through the twisting tunnels and out the other side.

Checking out the giant kaleidoscope.

Nathan and Noah enjoyed turning the wheel which in turn powered a giant colorful "windmill" overhead.

Nathan enjoyed more wind-powered tubes, music, floating packing peanuts and more.

John and Josiah spent a lot of time building cars at this station. I wondered if I would see them again.

Noah found something to climb. After accomplishing his task, Noah took time to survey his domain.

Noah and Nathan tried out the airplane.

The grocery store was a great time. They all had fun collecting things for the basket. Nathan was frequently spotted trying to taste the "veggies." Josiah showed us how to work the scanner and scale. You may notice marks on their face now. Yep, there are face paints here too.

John showed Noah the plasma ball. Nathan like the gravity-powered drawing tool.

Noah and John checked out the globe while Nathan played at the gravel table.
Before we left, we had to stop at the water table again. I should have gotten a picture of Nathan on the floor but was too busy trying to stave off a full-blown meltdown because we were leaving. We all had fun and look forward to many more visits throughout the year.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks like John had fun playing, too! At least, they'll be able to go back sometimes. They will always love it. If I remember right, Nathan already has experience putting the pasta into the water, eh?!


Jessica and Jason said...

That looks like great fun! Great learning, too. What a blessing to get that membership for Christmas!