May 7, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction

I was getting ready for church on Sunday morning and my slacks are a bit long (because, yes, I'm short) so I need a pair of shoes with some height to them.

My silver platforms! At least that's what I call them. I'm not good with the whole shoe name world. "These will work great", I think ... until I crouch down to put shoes on one of the little gentlemen and I hear a SNAP then SLAP. That's right. The sole to my shoe just broke off. But the heel is secure.

So do I find other shoes? I need height. I can't wear brown with my black and grey ensemble!
Time is running out... I must decide quickly and I do. I grab my tube of super glue and glue that sucker back together. Success!

We finish getting ready, gather everything, and head out the door. As I come down the steps, the sole comes completely off again. There's no turning back now. Oh, no. The boys are in the car. I grab my sole and drive us to church with super glue tucked inside the diaper bag.

The shoe is still walkable but I'm off kilter and not able to glide so I assess the situation again. To glue or not to glue?

I look at my broken shoe; I look at my healthy shoe. Suddenly, it is clear to me what must be done.

I crouch again. Bounce a little. And I CRACK then pull apart my remaining good shoe. Yes I did. Now they're even.

This was the last walk for the silver shoes.

Good-bye, Shoes. You were fun and did your task well... even in your structurally compromised state. May you rest in peace.

P.S. I'm very thankful that I did not fall on my face even IF it would have made a better story. And what's up with the pictures posting sideways? I certainly don't know.

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