May 20, 2010

The Library is "Base"

Some days there is only so much little boy bickering, whining, and fighting a person can take without getting sucked into the yelling game. Yesterday was just one of those days. I had to remove myself from the situation in order to retain my sanity.

So I escaped to the library by myself where I looked for novels that I love to read by authors' whose writing I enjoy. *contented sigh*

I found two by one author (Ted Dekker) and one by an unknown-to-me author which I thought I would give a try. Both John and I should enjoy these three. Then I selected two more from Francine Rivers which will be just for me. *contented sigh again*

But I didn't leave my boys out completely. When I went to the children's section, I spied this: Walter the Farting Dog. It could have been in neon lights. I mean, there aren't many things funnier and more entertaining to boys than farts! Farts. *snicker snicker* The only thing more amusing to my boys is "poop". Poop. Bwahahaha! She said "poop"!

Book report: I think this is the best farty book I've ever read. There is boys' laughter and delight with every page. The end.


Bethany said...

I saw this book in the library and thought to myself, "do I really want to encourage his fascination with farts/poop?" But if your review is good then I think today might be a good day for a walk to the library to research farts.

OK for a little at home research I just said, "hey Anthony, Fart. Poop."
His reaction. To say, "Mommy farts poop. Fart Fart Fart." Ah, good times.

Becky said...

For further follow-up try "Everybody farts" By Lynda White and "Everybody poops" by Taro Gomi....both excellent books on bodily function. Teehee

Jessica and Jason said...

When my brothers were small, their best insult was something like, "You like to touch poop" followed by an explosion of giggles. Farts, somehow, were never portrayed in a negative light. I think the fart is nearest the top of the bodily function hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

I love that book! My nephew checked it out from the library once and my sister told me about it. I worked at a bookstore at the time and had to find it to read it on my lunch break. SO funny.