May 21, 2010

Illiteracy is No Excuse

Josiah took it upon himself to clean and organize his dresser top two evenings ago. I was thrilled and joyfully noted that all my cleaning and organizing is not going unnoticed and I ignored the thought that it may have been a way to stall bedtime. Cleanliness comes before bedtime!

Not surprisingly, the other two boys raided his newly visible area and ate and/or wasted most of his remaining Easter candy when Josiah was at school the next day.

If there one thing I hate to see wasted, it's chocolate candy!

This morning I noticed a sign posted on Josiah's dresser. It stated:

If you take some thing from my dresser you will haft to pay 10$.

At first I didn't see the "10$" part and I thought "Whoa... that's some threat! This guy is serious about protecting his stuff." Noticing the "10$" on the end makes it less physically threatening and seems quite wise to me. Now I'm thinking of creating a Money for Messes program myself.

Too bad the other boys can't read your sign yet, Josiah.


Jessica and Jason said...

LOL! Tell him next time to draw his sign with a really angry face with big teeth and two little brothers running away. Or even just a big menacing fist. BTW, does Noah even have 10$?

Bethany said...

Your boy is clearly a genius and future entrepreneur. You should be proud. I'm with Jessica on this though, he might have to tweak his methods to include drawings.

FlaggFamily said...

So cute! I bet he will start charging interest on stuff like my brother when he gets older :)