August 31, 2009

School Days

Wednesday was Josiah's first day of school. I am now the mom of a first grader.
Left: That's NOT the school child. Right: Nathan and Josiah visit.

Our entire family went to the corner to wait for the school bus. We played and visited while listening for the sound of the bus. Noah tried to walk home with Josiah's lunchbox.
When the bus arrived, Josiah got on like the pro bus rider that he is.
Josiah sat with Isaac, his cousin, on the bus. This is Isaac's first year of full days at school and being able to ride the bus. Riding the bus is definitely Isaac's favorite part of school. When I told Josiah that Isaac had wished that he could go to school every day, Josiah matter-of-factly replied, "He probably said that on a day when they didn't have handwriting or math."

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Jessica and Jason said...

Aww. I love that you guys all walked Josiah down to the bus stop. What good memories you're making.