August 6, 2009

Bathing Challenge

Alright, so Nathan had surgery on his toes last Wednesday. He had a bath the night before surgery because, well, he really needed one. (My boys like to play hard and get extremely dirty and sweaty.) After the surgery he had his feet bandaged for one week and was only allowed to be sponge bathed. This child did not act like he had surgery! He was walking, running, jumping, and climbing by the next day! And there was much sweating. The sponge bathing just wasn't cutting it. The day before he was to have the bandages removed, I told John that we must give Nathan a bath! Thankfully, John interpreted my statement as, "You must give Nathan a bath." and I handed him the bags to seal Nathan's feet. John placed Nathan in the empty bath tub and poured water over Nathan's head to wash his hair and then his body. You would have thought that there was torture happening in the bathroom! Nathan certainly did NOT appreciate this new form of a bath. I was able to enjoy a clean boy and tease John about being a "meanie" so it was a good night all around. *grin*

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