August 17, 2009

Got a Nodder

It is so warm here today. The boys and I have been trying to keep cool while John is baking in the heat outside on the porch roof. I don't know about you but I get tired when I'm hot.

After lunch was ready and the boys ate I was distracted from lunch cleanup by another cleanup, a Nathan-induced-cleanup. I won't go into the details: he just flooded the mud room which is actually fitting given the name. By the time I checked on Noah again, I noticed he was nodding. Sleep was overtaking him! (Have I mentioned how adorable Noah is?) I removed him from his chair and he immediately laid his head on my shoulder as we said the usual "night night" to everybody and everything around. He was so thankful to be placed in his crib!

I've considered teaching him to say, "Mom, I have finished my meal and would very much like to lay down now if at all possible.", but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I know, I know. Jeez! Get on the ball already!

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