August 13, 2009

Day Camp

We have a tent set up in our backyard. Yep. It's a fairly big tent too. Our plan is to sleep overnight in the tent when the weather and our schedule cooperates. So far that hasn't happened so that will be another story for another day. Since we set it up we know that the tent is waterproof, roomy, and a great play area for the boys. John and I did have to make the rule that no animals are allowed inside though. Cairo and Milo are out of luck ... or more likely they are thankful that they won't be dragged into the tent at the whim of three young boys.

Josiah has been hoping for rain during the day so that he can play in the tent with the sound of rain all around. One day I was plagued with the question: "When is the rain going to start, Mom?" Darn you, Weatherman, for not being more accurate!

At last, we had a rainy afternoon while Isaac and Eli were here. The boys were so happy to go into the tent and out of the tent and into the tent that I had to give them a towel to use as a doormat for the tent. At one point, Isaac came to me and said, "That tent really freaks me out!" Really? Why is that? "That tent is NOT lightning proof! We could be struck by lightning!" Oh, I see. Well, it's just raining and not storming. Have you heard any thunder? "I think I did hear a couple thunders a while ago..." Don't worry, if it starts lightning, we'll all go inside the house. Then he doubtfully said, "Okay...", and it sounded like he planned to hold me to it.

The point of the story is that sometimes tents are freaky ... at least in the mind of a 6 year old.

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