July 30, 2008

Summertime fun!

This month has been full of birthdays and parties. John turned 33. My nephew, Eli and Ethan, both turned 3. Today is Holly's birthday so we visited her at work. Happy Birthday, Holly!
Today was a fun day at the zoo! (Holly was working at the zoo today since it was senior citizen's day at the zoo and she is a co-owner of the local Home Instead Senior Care.) Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Micah, Isaac, Eli, Uncle Matt and Katherine were all there with the boys and I. For the special event we all got a free carousel ride, free popcorn and free lemonade. It rained too - a lot. So we got a free shower thrown in there too. It was lots of fun in spite of the rain.
Josiah and I have started reviewing letters and numbers while the younger boys take a nap. He is doing great with his phonics. It's nice spending that special time with him.
Nathan is doing great saying more and more words. He tries to repeat everything Josiah says. He is also really good at figuring out doors and locks. We had to install an out-of-reach latch on the back door to keep him from helping himself to the outside.
Noah got up on his knees this week and rocked a couple of times. Crawling won't be far away....
Here are some fun summertime pics:
Grandpa and Nathan - just hanging out.
Josiah took this picture of Grandma and Noah.

You've got a little something there......
It's hard getting Josiah to SMILE for the camera.
Nathan's munching on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Dad makes a great table.

Noah gets his hands on just about everything these days.....Can someone get me out of here??

Noah and I

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Jessica and Jason said...

Cute cute cute. I see you in Nathan now. Good to see pics of your parents - they're looking great! Nice for some summertime fun, eh? Wish we could come visit and bring a little more... :)