July 10, 2008

How much will it cost?

What is the price of a shower?

Just a ten-minute shower - not too long, just long enough to take care of the basics.

Just recently I risked one of these showers. Noah was in bed. Josiah and Nathan were dressed and eating breakfast. "Alright, guys, Mommy needs a shower. Eat your breakfast. I'll be done in a few minutes."

It's nice to be clean. I come out of the bathroom and ..... see the cost of my shower.

Apparently, Nathan found the 5 boxes of spaghetti that John had purchased the night before. (Nathan really likes dumping things right now.) I come out of our bathroom and see Nathan standing in the kitchen surrounded by spaghetti noodles and empty boxes strewn about. "NATHAN! What have you done!?! GO SIT IN TIME OUT!" I start picking up the spaghetti from the kitchen floor when Josiah comes in with his report. He says, "Yep, I tried to tell him not to do that. He even put some in the aquarium." WHAT? OH NO! I quickly check on the fish and, yes, a whole box has been dumped in the fish water. The fish are swimming around and through them. Now I must extract them as quickly as possible before the water gets too cloudy and the fish get sick and/or die.

To make a long cleaning story short. I had to take spaghetti out of the aquarium, pick up the kitchen floor, sweep, mop, vacuum, and then change the water for the fish. The cost of a ten-minute shower was about an hour's worth of clean-up.

The next time, it will have to be more like a 5 minute shower.


Jessica and Jason said...

LOL!! Wow, that is one expensive shower. Yeah, a five minute and 1 1/2 spaghetti boxes shower sounds much better.

Kathy T said...

Well, at least he didn't find the Spaghetti sauce, so you'd have glad and tomatoe sauce to clean up too... Although Supper would have been ready for the community! Love it!

Keith said...

Your writings are wonderful. But, trust me, this will pass all too soon.

Jennifer said...

LOL I was going to say just what Kathy did...at least he didn't find the spaghetti sauce. I wonder if fishes like tomatoes? Probably not. :) Cute story!