August 5, 2008

Oh No!

Saturday evening John was going to get all the boys in bed so that I could rest a bit. (What a nice guy.) It wasn't long before I heard my name yelled from downstairs.
While John was giving Noah his bottle, Josiah and Nathan were climbing on the back of the couch looking out the window. Everyone was happy until Nathan fell head first to the floor. Thank God he didn't hit the coffee table.
Nathan was crying. Noah was hungry. John was trying to calm Nathan, get me and get some ice. Josiah went to his room and got out his ice pack bag - what a helper. I dug out the soft cold packs from the freezer then started to give Noah his bottle again.
God is so faithful and good. When John and I both started praying for Nathan, he immediately calmed down and stopped crying. We were able to ice his eye and just relax with the boys until bed time.
Nathan is doing great. His eye didn't swell a lot and now it's just bruised. He doesn't even notice. He continues to be the climbing adventurer that he is - just not on the back of the couch.

Nathan learned a new word: blackeye

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Jessica and Jason said...

Yeah well... you should see the other kid! :)

Yay for adventurers! (Just make sure he stays off jet skis for about 20 years...)