August 30, 2008

Niagara Falls

We went to Niagara Falls for a wonderful day of fun, family and frolicing. I absolutely love this place! Grandma and Grandpa Bowers (my parents), Uncle Micah, Aunt Holly, Isaac and Eli joined us for this wonderful adventure.

When we arrived, we had a picnic beside the Three Sisters Islands. After being refreshed with lots of nutricious picnic yummies, we walked over to the islands to explore.

Goat Island and the Three Sisters Islands are great to climb all over. Josiah said his favorite part of the day was climbing down and under the first bridge and coming up the other side to surprise Grandma and Aunt Holly.

The furthest island out is very rocky and the water is fast so make sure not to slip off the rocks! Josiah and Nathan both loved climbing on and through all the rocks. I loved getting to the end of the trails to see the awesome views of Niagara River.

Noah stayed awake for awhile but just couldn't keep his eyes open when we started strolling down the path to see the Horseshoe Falls and the Bridal Falls.


Nathan didn't want to wait to have his picture taken. He wanted out of this tree. Grandpa was assisting him.

One last picture before we head to the car. This is Josiah sitting with Nikolas.
After seeing all the Falls and walking the trail beside the river, we had another picnic since there was an abundance of food.

Josiah and I would have loved going back to the islands for more exploring but ..... it was time to go home. It was a great way to end a great week.

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Jessica and Jason said...

What a great post! You guys had a good day!